Frugal Fancy-Pants: Very, Very Pregnant Edition

Aha!  And you all thought I forgot about the 40-week-sausage-legs-leather-pants-FFP!

If you did, you'd be nearly right.  While contractions were growing increasingly more painful, John called to let me know that the tow truck driver would be bringing him home in 15 minutes.  I went upstairs to grab my hospital bag, and, behold, folded neatly on top of my hospital bag was a pair of leather maternity pants.  What a stroke of luck!

Because I am a servant of the people, I immediately prepared myself for a Frugal Fancy-pants post, even though my mother had to put my shoes on and lace them up for me (because there was no way I could bend over that far).

For the backstory, a few months ago a college friend of mine and John's sent me a package like a bolt out of the blue, containing a letter and a pair of leather maternity pants, with a slight hint that perhaps they would serve well as an FFP showcase.  It was one of the greatest things I've ever received via the USPS.  To my recollection, I have never worn a piece of leather clothing in my life before, except a vintage suede trench coat with a fur collar during college.

I tried them on, and I believe my first words were, "I feel like I'm wearing butter."  No, dear reader.  I did not say that I looked like I was made of butter, however true that may also be.  These pants were shockingly comfortable.  Silky smooth and, well, buttery.  Who knew?!

So, with thanks and a wave of the hand to Jamie, here I am, in labor and no more than 2 hours away from meeting our newest child, wearing leather maternity pants.  (And I don't know why my face looks like a beet.)

Exhibit A: 40+ Weeks

Wear this outfit for no more than five minutes before changing into a teeshirt and jeans in order to drive to the hospital and deliver a baby.

White lacy top: a gift (thanks, Sarah!)
Black necklace: hand-me-down
LEATHER MATERNITY PANTS: a gift (thanks, Jamie!)
Black Mary Poppins shoes: under a nickel from a rummage sale

Total: less than a nickel

Optional accessory: A pained expression as another contraction begins.  (Right after Millie took this picture, I told her to wait and then doubled over. Dedication!)


Exhibit B:  a couple of days into the babymoon

Wear this outfit to take your newborn for her first doctor's appointment.

Funny sweater: rummage sale, under a nickel
Bird earrings: hand-me-down
Black tank top: rummage sale, under a nickel
Too-short jeans, worn because one can't be choosy when one can only squeeze into the too-short jeans: rummage sale, under a nickel
Tan dress sneakers: hand-me-down

Total: Under fifteen cents

Necessary accessory: A sweet-smelling, dark-haired baby

Side-by-side comparison:

Now, this wasn't the most fair FFP because Exhibit B looks somewhat respectable, barring the too-short pants.

To even things out, here's a picture of me that one of the girls took the day after we got home.  Total cost of outfit was under a nickel, and optional accessories are a life well-lived in the foreground and a home well-loved in the background.


Rebecca said...

you are awesome. Frugal fancy pants while in labor? Oh yes. Only with an Abigail. You look amazing. Truly!

Full of Grace said...

let me just say you rocked those leather pants!! ;)

Abigail said...

Thank you both for your FFP encouragement. This may be the last FFP for a while since my chubby dolphin clothes are sorely lacking in style (tho', of course they are still frugal), and it's going to be quite a while before I fit into anything else. At least I went out with a bang!

heidiann(e) said...

I love that last photo SO much.

Abigail said...

Me, too. :) And it's definitely the most reflective of reality.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you wore them while in labor! You're a rock star momma!! Congratulations on another beautiful baby girl :-)