Resigned...not re-signed

my john just arrived home, ending his long day that began with 5 hours spent renovating his blog's links section (www.trawlerman.blogspot.com) to inform me that i can't abandon this blog that i began for one purpose only--that purpose now being fulfilled--because, wringing his hands in earnest distress,"It's a living thing!"

i neither want nor intend to spend 5 hours a day updating my nonexistant 'links' section, but i suppose for the sake of john's well-being, i will make a half-hearted attempt to continue this blog's life. which will entail, i imagine, a genuine links section, as well as responses to comments, witty repartee, and, of course, occasional snapshots.

stay tuned for shotsnaps blog life support (i.e. time wastin', life forsakin').

tomorrow, perhaps.


fairly recent, only now the top half of hair is shorter and the bottom half is bushier...just flip your computer upside down and you'll have a general idea. Posted by Hello

she looks like a muppet, too... Posted by Hello