Real Time to Remember (with a nod to steaming caffeine)

It's been a long time since we owned a microwave-- long enough that the child who is currently washing dishes was flummoxed by a mug's inscription that it was dishwasher and microwave safe and mused, "Why would anyone want to put a CUP in the MICROWAVE?!"

Why, indeed.

That's pretty much the only thing I miss about a microwave-- the easy reheating of tea and coffee. And now I'm off for my second cup...


Real Time Phony Phone

"Mama, this would make the perkeck [sic] picture for your blog."

If you say so, bud...
At least it features a bathrobe.


Torture Chamber

...but it was worth it to give something to the grandmas.

Merry ninth day of Christmas!

And a happy New Year!