Oh, Lucy


One benefit to tardy blogging (probably the only benefit) is the surprise of finding a picture of little Miss Brown in the stash of fall snapshots. Isn't she a peach?

An Escape from the Madhouse

Or, ahem, as my good friend Charlotte Mason likes to call it, "nature study."

First order of business: run through the hayfield.


Second: (Gently) romp on the bales.


Be smug that you're so Big, because you are so Big.


Take a picture of your pensive eldest daughter.


While you're at it, take a picture of your rowdy second-born.

'Pillars. 'Pecker holes.


Yes, bark.  Examine it closely.


Snap a picture of your ragamuffins on a log.


Take one of the baby, for good measure.



Then because you've been asked to carry ferns, shoes, and sweatshirts, hand off your camera.  

Blog the pictures that your second-born snapped.  Ooooh, bloody toe.  (Guess who asked me to carry her sneakers pre-bloody toe.)  

Take the camera back just in time to take a picture of the sawmill.   Yup, it's still in fine, working order inside that tree trunk, I'm sure.

Makes you wish you were homeschooled, doesn't it?



Sole Survivor

This is the one jack-o-lantern we didn't smash and feed to the chickens.

I Do Like Fall




One Day

I took these on the sly, but I was so curious about what they were doing that I walked over.

I guess I still don't know what they were doing, but it doesn't really matter, does it?


The Fate of the Pumpkins, for Molly

Many pumpkins made their way into soups, curries, burritos, and pie, but others were set aside for a higher purpose.

 Susie sketched hers on paper before carving.


Annie and Millie went to town freehand.

Pip told me she wanted an owl, so that's what I carved on hers after she emptied the seeds.

And here they are all lined up in the library. 




The jack-o-lantern pumpkins stayed outside for decoration and were frozen, so we eventually gave them to the chickens for a feast, and all feasts must begin with smashing.

Thank you, ma'am.  They enjoyed your gift from start to finish!

For Grandma

We picked out and put together costumes with minutes to spare, as usual, so the lighting's awful, but here are our genuine Pippi (Indian princess) and a faux Pippi Longstocking with her monkey Mister Nielsen.   Annika was planning for a paired Halloween costume for weeks and was thrilled to have Luci as an accessory. 


Millie was an austere Queen Guinevere, and Su was Nausicaa, a bit disheveled in a costume much too large, but I couldn't dissuade her. 


Posting all willy-nilly isn't working so well, huh?   The following snapshots belong to this same visit, during which we also went to a local children's museum.

Su composed on the musical steps.


Papa and his Delight crossed brainwave wills.

Su discovered that the trick to winning was to pretend you were asleep.

 Then EVERYBODY stole her technique.  

Zeke lucked out and spent a lot of time with Grandma.


Dude and Annie made a great scientific team in the experiment room.

...as did Mom O. and Pip.


Su banished herself to the hallway, but only because the hallway was so cool.


And here's Pip, pounding away outside.

The End.

Big and Brawny

While I'm about posting months-old photos, here's a picture of Mister Hot Stuff pushing up for the first time.  Annie was so excited she shouted for me to "Come quick with the camera!" so I did.


  He was a bit excited, too, by all our fussing.


Then he sucked on Annie's face.


Your bonus: Same room, same boy, same outfit, same girl, different day.