Good Intentions, All Timely and Suchlike

Two weeks ago, after ignoring my children in every spare moment for three straight days, all in order to catch up on three months of electronic snapshot archival, I was ready to call it quits and shut down shotsnaps...again.

To offset my grumbling, Mildred suggested that I put up a blog post every week.  I've thought of this before, indeed, among other handy ideas I've never implemented for more than a week at a time.  On Saturday, I meant to take her up on the suggestion, but instead I returned to my week's work, a.k.a. the Basement of Doom, to- thank heavens!- reveal a floor and finish ordering two year's worth of neglect.

Anyway, Mildred's suggestion, along with the overwhelmingly positive response of the universe to my last 45 blog posts (Thanks for the comment, Dierdre Deirdre!  Heidi, you also win a prize.) was enough to convince me that one way in which I can improve the world is to offer more snapshots.

So here-- excepting the brilliant and numerous photos my children take- is the last week and a half's worth of snapshots with minimal commentary because lunch break's over.

Child Misuse

I am weak.  There is no reason for me taking these pictures other than the fact that this girl looked darling playing with a chicken and saying "bawk!" after church, and I was about to change her into play clothes that weren't so cute.

Nothing Better

Skylark sleeps on an unmade bed.

 She woke up two seconds after I took that picture, and I wish the lighting weren't so dim in our bedroom because she began showing off.

Yes, she smiles now.

How It All Goes Down

No dog.

What's that I see?


No dog.

The Hunt

My older sister Becky called me on the spur of the moment, letting us know that she and some of her children were going to head our way to pick up their tree.  We hadn't planned on getting our tree quite yet, but I would have been a terrible mother to deny some too-rare cousin time, so we took the day off. Home-h'learners unite!

Aidan (and his mother) forgot his coat, so he had to wear the blazer he (and his mother) had forgotten in the van the previous Sunday.  Then he got a bloody nose.  Then Aunt Becky held his hand and helped him up the hill.  Lucky boy.

Everyone wore play clothes for running and playing, except Aidan and Zeke who dressed themselves in "going-out" clothes once they saw how fancy Millie looked.  Then I dressed up my living doll, because I could.  So here's a picture of three fancy, pretty girls.

Jessie and Aidan are bosom buddies.  He talks about her all the time.

We found our trees! They thoughtfully grew two trees apart, just for our convenience.

I love this picture.  (Want to know something crazy?  This new 16-year old drove her family to our house!  Crazy!!!!)

Thank goodness Millie was not too fancy to perform tree-cutting labor for me.

I was Very Busy holding a baby but gave her verbal encouragement (i.e. teasing her while she rolled her eyes).  It was very cold.

Jessie showed Aidan her Brown Thing, a rock that she then instructed him "was not for eating."  Phew.  No rock-eating allowed, Aidan!


Most of the children spent their time getting lost and exploring the hills.  Annika and Zeke came back before I sent out a search party.

She'd just sprinted up and down an enormous hill, but still mustered enough energy for a grin at my silly overuse of a camera.


Millie and the sleepy big baby.

I did mention it was cold, right?  Our Little Fire was so miserable that Annika lent him her coat.  With all the sprinting, she was too hot even without a coat.  What a handsome boy we've got.

Little Lu and Skylark and some big dope.

I don't have pictures of most of the children because they were running off to explore the whole time, but Susannah's one of these three...

I was jealous of Cadence.  Millie plopped her on the tree, and she and Candida pulled her down the hill on her own royal sedan.

Jessie commanded me to take this picture of her, saying, "Watch me. I'm so fast, Aunt Abby."  She is!  Look at those little legs fly!

Annika got stuck.  No one helped her.

And then we waited around for 20 minutes chatting with the owner's step-daughter while she tried to start the baler and subsequently broke it.  The End.  Until next year!

Tough Love

She spends a lot of time in the upstairs landing, playing with the dollhouse.

Before too much longer,

this angel may very well inadvertently break and lose everything inside it.

Who, ME?!  (Naw.  Must be someone else.)

St. Nicholas Morning

We were all impressed by Cadence's mighty suctioning of her first ring pop.  She didn't let that thing out of her mouth once, but not for lack of trying.