First Post


(November herbs from the garden...November!)

 (November peppers and eggplant...November!)

 (Smirking at Prince Bertram the Bad.)

(Racing John off to work in the first snow of the season, winter's gentle greeting in late-October .)


A REAL snow that lasted for days of play didn't come until weeks later...


Four months scramble into a crooked line behind me, a disorderly row fit for a disorderly girl, and the full season of Advent stretches out before, the first gleam of a new beginning.  Darkness waits for Light, and silence longs for Song.  The Word is flesh, yet the earth groans still, so we wait for Him to shatter all that binds us.

And there's a lot that binds us.

The seasonal work of summer and fall is complete until next year, and the work of winter is barely begun.  It's about time I procrastinated and unloaded a dumptruck of snapshots.

Hullo again and have at 'em.

Better Late Than...

My last snapshot-filled post was at the end of July, directly after Deborah and Rundy's wedding.  A few of you emailed me asking for pictures, and I said I'd pass along a link.

Here's a fulfillment of that promise! Knowing that God has joined two people to glorify Him and to strengthen each other through the love and sacrifice of marriage is cause for joy, even months later.  And, hey, they're still newlyweds, after all...

Here's a link to the photographer's "sneak peek" post.  Photo credit for both of the beautiful images above also goes to Rebecca.

 And here's a link to Rundy's uncle's pictures of the day. Choosing the slideshow option allows for a large view with no text.

Here Be Danger

At least for dummies toting cameras...

Despite how serious the battle might have been, the snow is not stained with Mildred's blood spilt out.  It came from food coloring, water, and a spray bottle.

So, So, So Late for Molly

 I am a terrible person.  These gifts I made so hastily before Thanksgiving should have been completed with leisure over a year ago, but at least they're done!  (I'm a terrible person.)

I forgot to tell you, Molly, that I thought this tiny board is probably supposed to be for cheese, but I was envisioning it as a "mug board" of sorts, or, better yet, a mug AND cheese board. Hot chocolate and cheese board? Whatever. Use it how you wish! :)

And these sloppy, sloppy potholders are meant to be USED.  That's the only way I comforted myself when I stuffed them into the box.  "At least they'll be dirty soon, and that will cover the sloppiness on the back side," I thought.  "And then, someday ten years from now when I finally get around to it, I'll make her beautiful ones that she can flip to either side!" I thought.  "That will make up for everything..." I thought.  ("Sigh," I sighed.)

NO, I'm not showing you the sloppiest parts!