February and Small Blessings

(sunset snapshot by Millie)

If January was defined by sickness (and it was), then February was defined by parties and people. We had guests every week, with few snapshots to show for it, but it was the antidote to a January spent resting. Unaware of what lay in wait just a few weeks ahead in March, it also ended up being the perfect way to enter into covid-19 isolation here on Mt. Hunger.

Knowing that most of you reading are either already confined to your homes or likely will be soon, I offer my prayers for peace, provision, and good health. May the Lord allow this to pass more quickly than predicted, and may you find some spots of joy and rest in the midst of it all.

Local folks, if you need anything, let me know. We found toilet paper, and our hens are laying again!


Lark's recent neurologist appointment went well. We decided against putting her on daily medication and feel at peace with the decision but would welcome prayers that God keep her safe from further prolonged seizures. (If you feel so led, thank you!)

Some People Know How to Party

Another Diamond Day

I did not want to set foot outside, so Millie practically shoved me out the door with my camera, bathrobe, and gloves. (Those of you who are lucky enough to know my Mildred can surely imagine this easily enough.)

It was a dazzling morning and well worth the nippy nose.

Lucinda Gains a Digit, Or, This Calls for Curlers & Paint

This is a momentous year for Lucinda Hope. Ten years old! She requested French toast with freshly whipped cream, berry sauce, and maple syrup for breakfast. Her other request (since she's ten now) was to make the French toast herself.

...with a little help from her friends.

Someday, these pictures will be my tool to teach a teenaged Cadence why makeup is not necessary.

Skylark won't be looking for a perm in 12 years, either, I bet.

Here are the best buddies before birthday makeup application (although I think Lucinda had already darkened her brows at this point)...

And after. 
Hoo boy!

It was so funny to watch Cadence apply her makeup and Zeke attentively painting Skylark into a thing of beauty.

After plastering Skylark's face, Zeke gave himself manly brows-- with a manly expression to match.

 He couldn't hold the manly expression for long, though.

Oh, Cadence. Beauty unparalleled.

That afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa Owen came for a birthday visit.

Lucinda was spoiled beyond compare and received a Fancy Dress for her big day!

 If you think Skylark looks bruised and beaten here, just wait until you see the closeups in the next post.

 Later that night, we celebrated with the party proper and more guests.

For those who don't know, the tenth year is when my mother makes her grandchildren a full-sized quilt to replace the quilt she made them as babies, said quilts being tattered and torn with a decade's worth of love and use.

 It is what my children most look forward to for their tenth birthday, and they anticipate it for a couple of years before they reach it.

Better pictures to come of the quilt someday. It is lovely and suits Lucinda perfectly.

Lucinda wanted a jello poke cake and (because she's ten now) also wanted to decorate it herself. Whipped cream pudding topping isn't the easiest thing to decorate, though! The Pegasus immediately sank up to its knees in decadent fluff.

Happiest of birthdays to our Little Light! We love you immeasurably, Lucinda Hope. May God grant you even more brightness in the decade to come.