Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm supposed to be peeling potatoes right now, not plopping a baby on a blanket in bad lighting and then blogging snapshots!

I can't help myself. One day shy of two weeks old, our little Ransom is already sprouting plump cheeks.

Gratitude spills over. Thank you, Father, for all these our gifts.



Little R.A. of Sunshine

Sunbeam is here!

Sunbeam joined us on the the outside on Friday, November 13th.

5:15 p.m.

21 inches from crown to toe

7 pounds, 14 ounces of sweet perfection


After painfully weeding out names I love, we finally found his.

Ransom Arthur Owen, the greatest gift.


A Sunbeam for Popsy

After Dad died, I looked through his collection of old calendars and tried to peer into his mind through the notes and doodles he put on certain dates. On the anniversary of my Grandpa Johnson's death, Dad had a bare notation-- "Dad"-- with a simple crying face. It sunk deeply, in part because of Dad's complex relationship with his father, and also because he was reticent to express this sorrow in words.

Ever since, in my planners, I've followed suit.

Yesterday was the day we marked Dad's exit from earth, and today is Sunbeam's due date. Death, life, grief, joy-- we get pieces of it all here on earth, sometimes jumbled all together.


I had a doctor's appointment today, ran (hobbled) errands for most of the day, and before I changed into scruffy work clothes to descend into the Basement of Horror and Doom, I asked Millie to take a few pictures of this baby still in belly, perhaps for the last time, on an auspicious day of rain and fog.

We love you, little Sunbeam, indeed.


We love you, too, Dad, and miss you still.
Someday you'll meet this baby!



2020 Hallowe'en GIF-- Because Now It's Tradition

The best part is that Millie had no idea I was trying to murder her again.  She was blind, after all.


September Brought October











The light slants golden, and all the colors swell in one last hurrah. October has always been my favorite month, though now that I'm older, I can become heady on wind and wildness one day while dreading cold and dark the next. 

Taking each day as it comes is better than craning down the path. Full-bellied as I am, perhaps for the last time, this advice serves well. Sink into the joys of each day and don't linger too long over the sorrows. Each new day will have its own.


Any snapshot marked thus  ** underneath was taken by Mildred. Yup.  I stole all the best pictures from my daughter, but, hey, I haven't been picking up the camera much, but I still want shotsnaps to look pretty, so I do what I must.

Pudgy Muffin Turns Three

Oh, we love her to bursting. As many times as I said that Skylark made the best last baby, I'm glad she's not the end of the line. Now she has the chance to vie for Best Big Sister Award. Soon!

Yesterday Lark turned three, and we started the day with her birthday breakfast.  Piper, Luci, and Zeke had stayed up the night before and decorated the whole downstairs with paper chains, paper snowflakes, and garlands, and then they spoiled her with All The Attention until breakfast was ready, so she would have been flying high no matter what food we placed in front of her.

They even made her TWO birthday couches!

Anyone who knows John knows of his fervent love of tomatoes and his super-heroic ability to eat 15 pounds of raw tomatoes in one sitting. Skylark is his girl!

Video proof.

Lark's cake request was one of my favorites so far, and I posted that video so you'd understand why she asked for a pink cake with "peanut butter on the bottom and tomatoes on top." Oh, man. That's a flavor combination made in heaven! And dinosaurs. Of course dinosaurs.

Even though she was envisioning the real thing, I heard no complaints that the tomatoes were made from fondant. The cake and peanut butter filling were both peanut-buttery enough to satisfy.

She didn't even seem to mind that the dinosaurs were plastic,

...though she did rearrange them to her liking.

Then she had her happy birthday supper with Joel, Grandma J., Debbie & Rundy and the boys, followed by a pink peanut-butter-tomato-dinosaur cake. I can't think of a better way to turn three.

Poof! You are pure magic, Skylark Elizabeth. 

We love you!