Five Falls / Five Springs

The line grew slack-- a miracle.
He slowed and stood, along with me,
And watched a cloud of red-winged birds
Wheel and drop--
A kerchief draped with us inside.

Swallowed by their song of Home,
I held my breath and heard
A spell which forced my pause.

As I looked, a line of geese drew near
And neatly flapped above the bony tree
To form a cross with those black birds and me,
Rooted to a panting dog.

Layers of life from cloud to earth,
Strata of feathers and skin and hide,
We breathed together,
Above and below,

Until that dog, beside himself, leapt forth,
And off they flew.

Beauty has a razor edge
And memory, too.
Joined they are a fearsome pair.

I watched them go, and cried,
And heard my father's voice,
Who, in spite of all the dark he feared,
Faced the sky each fall and said that
Spring is just around the bend.


For my dad, who loved trees in fall and peepers in spring.
We miss you.



John and I joined hands for life in October. It remains my favorite month, though the older I get, the more layers appear. Its beauty holds grief and yearning in greater measure now, its brilliance an exultant call of hope for the longer, quieter season ahead.

Even with snow outside our window, we're still bustling within, however, thanks to significant kitchen renovations currently being wrought by Grandma and Grandpa Owen. I'll share them when they're done, but, for now, here's October, minus the Hallowe'en costumes, for which I still have not taken snapshots. (Reference above: snow/winter/cold, i.e. Yes, I am wearing a bathrobe, hat, and fingerless mitts as I type.)


I mentioned that when we visited Pete and Sarah this summer, the girls became instant chums with the girls next door. Well, a couple of months ago, they visited the area and brought along a bunny for Millie to buy.

Meet Lewis, short for C.S. Lewis (named by Olivia, who, as you can tell, shares Mildred's penchant for books), and meet my happy, bunny-loving girl, Mildred Elise, who is the most smug and delighted bunny owner I've ever seen.

If You Give a Boy a Cornfield

He may decide to build a homemade deer trap.

And, if he does that, well, one can just expect this to happen.

Don't worry; they cleaned it up.

Turtle Saw Me

High Drama in the Kitchen

Everything is fun and games until it's not.

If you know Cadence in real life, you know my restraint in not taking pictures of her crying, but here are two, just to remember the funny bunny.

70 Pigs to Mark the Day

 There is a Very Special Person we know who has always loved pigs, and she just turned 70!
(Pssst. It's my mom-in-law! Grandma Owen!)

We hosted a small birthday dinner for her until next summer's big bash with all the people who love her, and we thought pigs would be just the thing for festooning the house.

Pigs festooning.
A festoon of pigs.

She and Dude had just returned from an extended visit with the Nye family in order to meet the newest little grandbaby, so it had been a while since we'd seen them. When they arrived, nearly the first thing she did was to sit down upon her piggy throne of birthday honor and-- get this-- unpack a giant box of presents for the CHILDREN. What?!

Millie came running to me with a grin and said, "I knew it! Grandma is a hobbit!" Bilbo would certainly approve, and, truth be told, the children had no complaints. ;)

All she got in return was supper and a lousy cake...

but it was a PIG.

When the time came, we all sang a hearty Happy Birthday.

And when the time came,

 Piper strong-armed Aidan so that he wouldn't steal all the birthday wishes. Ha!


Most of you reading here, and definitely anyone who knows me in real life, know what a warm and generous woman my mother-in-law is. Even if you've never met her, I've shared enough stories for you to probably feel as if you do. It's telling that the only complaint I have about my relationship with her is that she spoils us too much. Um. Yes. That's it.

Forget all those horror stories you hear about mother-in-laws.  Mine is a clever, big-hearted, open-handed lady, full of funny stories and a rich history. God has blessed us through and by this woman, and I am grateful for her love to her children, to me, and, now, to her grandchildren. What a treasure my children have in their grandmothers!

So, happy birthday to you, Grandma Owen! Until next summer, we'll pack the pigs away. We love you!