Real Time

Subtitle: Now You Can Guess What Sort of Week It's Been

A few minutes ago, one of the girls asked when we were leaving to pick up the cousins for a sleepover.

"Well, we have to finish our stuff first," I replied with my usual clarity, "And also I have to burn the sap down."

Burn the sap down.
Unfortunately, that was true clarity.

It's been a profitable week in the sugar-bush business.



The homely song of red-winged blackbirds rises over the sound of rain, and flashes of red, gold, and black cross the treetops. Lent is a good time to be tired and sick. It's a good time to remember human need and frailty while also remembering joyous life ready to burst through the surface-- Love hanging heavy on a bony tree. 


Here lies the end of August through the new year, and now I'm caught up to 2019. Give me a handshake!