The Last Few Crumbs

Vacation Archives the Pest. Getting this glut of vacation photos posted begins to feel like a chore. Victoria Williams quavers and trills, "Nobody ever got bored with a pocketful of chores. Chores, chores, chores, chores...."

This chore can bore, even with my pockets stuffed.

Heartfelt apologies to any else who are bored by this chore of archiving. Only a few pictures left!

Millie's taking her nap dressed in skivvies, beads, and a floor-length cape. Now that's one way of banishing boredom...

Debbie and Annika in the windy rain whispers. Posted by Picasa

Look at Millie's hair. That's all. Posted by Picasa

Millie lived out her fantasy of being Little Sal, even though the berries were the wrong color, saying, "TUPLINK!" with great satisfaction as she filled her "yittle tin pail." Posted by Picasa

She ate so many strawberries, she should have burst, but this one was a wee bit tart. Posted by Picasa

TransformEthan. Posted by Picasa

Pete and Baby Haven (Sarah was probably off hiding a romance novel under my mom's pillow). Two handsome lads. Posted by Picasa

Jacy has blond hair with eyes so blue that danger signs should be posted to prevent drownings. (All of Andy's, Becky's, and Pete's children should have signs posted.) Of, course, black and white doesn't do justice to blue... Posted by Picasa

Crusading Millie Posted by Picasa

eight years is a long time. poof! washed-up fiction. (and the scanner washes out even more.)Posted by Picasa


1/2 Hearted Catch-up (Sans Mayo)

Groan. And I don't even like most puns...

John's been carting the computer off to work with him, but when the work week is over, maybe I'll pile the rest of vacation snapshots on. Be brave and strong, my scant viewers, this trial of vacation archiving shall soon pass...

Not having the computer here during the day is also, incidentally, my valid excuse for not emailing those of you to whom I've long owed words. I just don't have enough verve to do so at night when he and it are home. Soon, soon, or not so soon, those words will speed their way to you(se).

We saw moving pictures of Baby Blueberry Apple (variations permitted) after supper tonight.
I had an early sonogram to ensure that this pregnancy wasn't another ectopic, even though my Very Large Belly had already given ample assurance that all was well. Baby Berry, a dancing bit of gray in a sea of black. God is good. (Side note: Annie wasn't too impressed with our new baby, but Millie said, "I think we should have a boy" followed by, "I think we should name him Millie." She may have failed in mouse-naming, but, by honkers, she'll succeed with somebody!)

I read four books in three days and have now started three more all at once. I'm never that successful at reading books in tandem, though, so I'll probably let two slip by the wayside. After this spurt, I'll have a dearth of reading for a while. Another something I fail at is balanced reading. It's either torrential downpour or drought with me, it seems. (But, then, I always have been a bit unbalanced.)

Our garden stretches skyward and sprawls with long arms outward. A few of the tomato plants have upper branches that reach my face, and I'm 5' 8''. Gardens give good food for midnight snacks.

Millie has a new tip for all you starving artists who happen here. Stiff and unwieldy paintbrushes? Keep your brushes soft and supple by substituting butter for paint. (For best results, express your creativity on the refrigerator, laundry basket, and table before a growling mother catches you. And what was this mother doing before she started to growl, you ask? Reading in a torrential downpour, of course. See, she's completely unbalanced.)

Two fun yesterday adventures: The girls and I caught a free children's movie at the movie theater. (A movie even at home is a rarity, and Millie especially enjoyed it.) Then last night, John took us to the library to return dozens of books in order to take out dozens more, and we happened upon 13 clowns. Yes, that's right-- 13 clowns in full regalia. Out of the goodness of their shiny, plastic hearts, they entertained us and scores of children, even including a whipped-cream-pie-in-the-face at no extra charge.

Blahbideebloo. Sick of glaring electronic screen. Boring girl tonight. Time for reading before bed. Oh, yes, bed.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Picture Baby less fuzzy and as restless as can be with the relentless energy of new life. Now you see who we saw. Posted by Picasa

Obscure symbolism now slips into everything, even birthday cards. This doesn't exactly scream, "Happy Birthday!" (Hopefully, belated birthday girl will break the code and find the secret birthday message inside.) Posted by Picasa



OH, YES. The Owen Barbeque! Posted by Picasa

I don't know what she saw. Probably Superman. Posted by Picasa

Tiptoe to the soda Posted by Picasa

Tiptoe on the trunk Posted by Picasa

John's sister April and Millie (April is a very intelligent and well-spoken woman, full of kindness and generosity. She also played a large role in the beginning formation of John's musical tastes. Hail to the eighties!) Posted by Picasa

Dear heart Posted by Picasa

April and Dave brought the sweetest melon. Posted by Picasa

loud noises are fun when you expect them Posted by Picasa

John's mom wasn't feeling very well before the barbeque, but she still managed to assemble scrumptious strawberry shortcakes for us to devour. Yummy! (Thanks for the four pounds I gained in one week!) Posted by Picasa

Millie's first sparkler. Posted by Picasa

midair magic Posted by Picasa

Alexandra is a cute and attractive girl, but you'd never know it from the poses she strikes. She has a wonderful talent for face-stretching (hmmm, now who does that sound like...) Posted by Picasa

Dude (John's dad) looks like he's fencing, but he's not. He's a true cowboy, and cowboys only duel with their trusty firearms. Posted by Picasa

This is April's husband Dave. He has proud German blood, bright red hair, and excellent taste in food and crockpots. Here he is slow dancing with sparklers. (He and April treated John and I to the most delicious feast at a Greek restaurant called The Wild Fig. We are grateful that they have such excellent taste and the generosity to share it.) Posted by Picasa