The Babe with the Power

Luci and I are on a date.

We just left my appointment and are taking a brief pit stop before we head to her appointment. I'm in the library, nursing a sick baby as I type with one hand, shielding the view from the two elderly men with whom I'm sharing a computer room. What a date!

So, the millions of pictures, pale and listless in the long wait to be posted, will have to continue waiting, as will the three of you who are reading this.

Because I promised a baby picture, here is one picture for each of you, even though I don't think any of these look much like the real Luci, except for the last one.

Three weeks old and wearing her baptism gown...

Curious and frightened:

Frightened and curious:

Three weeks old and going for a swim in newborn clothes...

Oh, we love her!

p.s. She's over 5 weeks old now...and HUGE!!!!!!!!