And I Don't Even Crunch

My name is Abigail.

I'm a current successful user of homemade laundry detergent and homemade deodorant.

I occasionally wash my hair with homemade "shampoo." (It's more vinegar than shampoo.)

I'm almost out of toothpaste from the ol' glory days of CVS'ing, so I just made homemade toothpaste. I haven't used homemade toothpaste since high school. *Also, if any kind reader thinks that this flurry of homemade toothpaste use is sad and pitiful and wants to mail us some toothpaste, please don't! I thank you for the thought, but I prefer the homemade for our fambly. (Yes, I just typed fambly, which is much more weird than making toothpaste.)

I'm about to make a batch of homemade yogurt. (I haven't eaten homemade yogurt since high school.)

I'm also going to grind grain to make whole-wheat rolls for supper, but only after the girls and I gather half-wild pears to make spiced caramel pear butter.

As I sit here in the midst of a house that a casual observer would mistake for a war zone, I was thinking that maybe, instead of cleaning the house (which, in case I didn't mention, looks like a war zone), I should learn how to make rubber.

It's wet outside, and I need boots.

Or, barring the making of rubber, maybe I should write a boring blog post.
Any votes?