Amid all the buzzing about technology and its proper place in our lives, I offer an anecdote from the life of Millie.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To set the scene...imagine a not-so-sterile, rest stop bathroom, complete with new-fangled, self-flushing toilets. Place atop one of them a small tyke who hates these toilets because they startle her by flushing before she finishes her business.

[Business finished after one unexpected and interruptive flush.]

Millie, standing, hand on hip, staring at toilet: "Fyush."

Toilet, quiet and still: No response

Millie, much louder with echoes, now pointing demandingly at the toilet: "Fyush youself!"

Toilet, slightly intimidated: "FLOOOOSSSHHH."

Millie, mouth agape in triumph and awe: "It did fyush itself!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Even a toilet that doesn't flush itself is cause for amazement, though.
What street rat dodging between the houses of London could have imagined such a thing a few hundred years back?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And now I'm off to give a few loads of soiled clothing to a revolving metal man who cleans for me.



Order of events after surgery:

1. My dad and mom pick me and the girls up and cart us off to Nanticoke.
2. We visit with Becky and her children at Mom's house (later seeing them again at their house).
3. We do the same with Andy, Wendy, and their children.
4. We see Miss Perry (not included in pictures, lamentably).
5. We see Scott+Leah+their miniature farmer boys along with Matt+Rebecca+dear Corynn and Dave the Dutch at the Terry's House on a Hill with a Grand View
6. We do lots and lots of things and get all tuckered out.
7. We get picked up by Dude and Dudette Owen and Anna (John's niece) who cart us to Buffalo.
8. We celebrate the fluffier aspects of Easter together in TRUE SPRING WEATHER.

And once home, we all get sick and miserable and sniffly-stuffed and take the girls to the doctor for questions and medicine.

I really missed seeing my brother Luke (sketching away at school) and my brother Pete, almost sister Sarah, and their baby Haven (away at Baltimore doctoring up feet), but Millie, at least, got to see almost all of her "tuzzins."

Well worth the trip.

This picture is included so that Candida, the cutie is the lower left hand corner, isn't left out. She is CHOCK full o' mischief almost every minute! Posted by Hello

Becky's youngest girl, Hannah Mae. She is delicate and full of grace. Posted by Hello

My sister Becky and her children visited us at my mom's house. Her oldest two, Thomas and Cassie, duke it out over the chess board. (Their dad is an avid player.) Posted by Hello

Debbie, Millie, and I model our somewhat matching, rumpled duds.  Posted by Hello

My brother Joel the Ghost. He's rarely seen out of his Tower Room, and when he ventures forth in daylight, his wispy form is difficult to capture even on film. Posted by Hello

Anna and Debbie. Posted by Hello

Both Millie and Anna rode the Princess of Ponies, thanks to Debbie's willingness to saddle the little snoot. Posted by Hello

tuckered out Posted by Hello

She enjoyed the trustiest of all sleds--The Torpedo--that's taken me safely through many a bramble. Posted by Hello

thread the treedle. Posted by Hello

Millie was satisfied with this mini-tractor. That is,  Posted by Hello

until she discovered its mother. Posted by Hello

All the cousins from Mount Hunger lined up in a row with Millie. Jacy is the cute-as-a-button girl in the middle.  Posted by Hello

My brother Andy's oldest children (Aponi and Ethan) gleefully perform their self-proclaimed "Hawaii Dance." Posted by Hello

My heartless, grinning Mopsy. Posted by Hello

Millie looks like she's crying; she must be aware of the imminent tragedy. Posted by Hello

One hour later, this lovely lady was a melting basket case. Posted by Hello

These boots were made for walkin',  Posted by Hello

and that's just what she would do (if they weren't on backwards). Posted by Hello

On the trip back to Buffalo, Anna crocheted while Millie sawed wood. Posted by Hello

millie the hog. Posted by Hello

I wonder if she'll ever understand the incredible, INedible egg. Posted by Hello

John's mom and niece Anna. Note Millie's complete candy abandon. Posted by Hello

Dude (John's dad) with the girls Posted by Hello



I must've told John a million times that my blog needs to end.

Its fluff and nonsense would seem such a waste if not for the need of two procrastinators who cavort happily about its realms. Oh, yes, and I mustn't forget little John Terry, for whom I will post new pictures in a few days. A dear boy with fine taste in blogs...

It's just shy of nine o'clock, so the phone is off-limits, and John won't return home from school for another hour and a half. If it weren't for this electronic space, to whom could I share the comfort found in a two-year old's sweet kisses and a whispered, "I yud you foreder, mom."

So there.
One point for Mister Blog.



Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Be on the sharp lookout for a slew of snapshots to come in the next few days (or be forewarned to avoid them). I must fulfil my editing duties first- which, Sags, is truly a joy-filled duty- and then create a poster for my husband. (Actually, the poster is for his bearded professor, and I hope it stuns him senseless with its beauty.)

This last week was a whirlwind of hither and thither, and although my body did not rest entirely as it should have, my spirit is much refreshed. Visits with loved family and chums and a coating of snow are to thank for that.

Millie has been sick for the last two days, and we weren't able to join our local church group for worship this Easter morning, but our hearts rejoice that Christ is risen indeed!

We are thankful for everyone's continued prayers for me and mine during recent events. God was again gracious in preserving health and giving peace.



I just finished editing a college paper for my brother Andy. A few minutes before I sent it off, I heard an unusual crackly-crunch noise coming from the kitchen. The following conversation I had with Millie is vaguely related to Matt's recent post about imagination. (And, no, Matt, we've done nothing to foster this particular imaginative outworking in her...)

Me, facing the computer screen: "Millie, what are you doing?"

Millie, standing near the crackly-crunch noise: "Just givin' my balloon some yummy food."

Me, intrigued and now turning half-way 'round: "What kind of food, babe?"

Millie, secure in her own logic: "Eggshells."

(Note to self--close garbage bag more effectively.)



The events of the past few weeks have caused moments of quiet soberness, but God's faithfulness to us in this time, His creation of brief life, His protection of my health, and His perfect will are all cause for rejoicing.

So I post silly pictures from the Shotsnaps Vault.



I look undeniably more handsome in snapshots than I do in real life. Here's an official pronouncement that I also look undeniably more goofy. Posted by Hello