Parcel Post

John and I learned a wonderful new something together on Tuesday.  In a room filled with strangers, we discovered the only thing matching the joy of having six girl children is having five girl children plus one little boy.

Meet Honeybuckle on the Outside.
(Charmed, I'm sure.)

Hurried along by a hailstorm walk, he arrived on April 24th at 9:36 p.m.
Weight: a whopping seven pounds, three ounces
Two days "overdue" but covered so thickly with vernix that he looked like a sad, little polar bear.
And, praise God, he arrived through the second natural, non-intervention birth since Pip's c-section delivery.

What's that?  You'd like his name?  Literally one minute before we left the hospital at eleven o'clock last night, we snatched straws.  Here he is:

Ezekiel Walker Owen

A mighty  handsome lad.

To top off the post, here are the only other three pictures I have of our family in the hospital.  We left as soon as we could and are enjoying being home now, all eight together, happy, tired, and well.

John, searching for a name for his Baby Boy.


Introducing the Baby

...before she becomes a big sister and loses that title forevermore.

She's a very good Baby, but I'll be happy to promote her.

One Thing Needful

Many snapshots languish in wait, but I've been a busy girl, and my blogging conduit,Ye Olde Laptop, is currently dead. To quickly answer Torie's question, though...


This is a recent unflattering picture of my fat and happy self at 39 weeks (on a birthday date!) (to see a play!) (with good friends!) (and with the Grand Planner, my ever-lovin' Heart!).

I'm now a couple of days overdue. Even fatter! I'm not feeling quite as jolly, though. C'mon, Honeybuckle!

Pretty impressive, huh...
 And now I'm off to turn somersaults.