Due to the overwhelming response to my last batch of snapshots, I've decided to please the people.  More sunsuits, it is, then!  (Okay.  So zero comments from imaginary readers isn't exactly an overwhelming response, I suppose, but still....sunsuits!)

Luci came downstairs this morning, all dressed for the last day of VBS.  After reading this post's introduction, you can probably guess in what manner she'd dressed herself. Really, you can't?  She was wearing a sunsuit.

After we got home this afternoon, I took a picture of her sunsuit Luci eating sweet clover and wood sorrel on the lawn.

Even though she gets a ribbon for choosing a sunsuit, I'll take credit for doing her hair that morning. 

She's a sweet, little thing.

She's a thoughtful, little thing.

She's a goofy, little thing.

Groucho greeted me as soon as I walked inside.  I only snapped this single picture before he turned back into my son, though.  If only he'd been wearing a sunsuit...


I'll Prove It Another Day

I do have children other than Piper Joy, and they are equally loved and loveable.
(They just don't wear sunsuits as frequently as Pip does.)

Time Waster

After coming home from VBS at a local church,  Pip played with her new punching balloon.

Since I was avoiding a Filthy House and Piled Up Chores, I took pictures. 
(But only because I have a weakness for girls who dress themselves in cowboy boots and sunsuits.)


Her knobby-kneed sister came running a few minutes later, and I took a couple of pictures of her, too, because, as you can see, she's also wearing a sunsuit.

Who Needs Chores, Anyway

Because I really didn't want to face Filthy House and Piled Up Chores, I turned the lens on Luci.

Plus, in case I didn't mention it yet, or on the off chance that you didn't notice,
she's wearing a sunsuit.

She danced around, as she's wont to do, and I took these pictures especially for my sister Becky, who will appreciate the fact that this child belongs to her.  (There's a reason Luci's most recent nickname is Skinny Bones.)


She also hunted for white roses, but only a handful remain for plucking.

Oh, I just love you, Skinny Bones.

Before the Storm Arrived

...I sent Millie to gather the very last of the peonies.   They're practically radioactive in the sunlight.  So bright!

News of the Tiny Kind

The vegetable gardens are as full of weeds as they are full of anything we planted, but the herbs in the raised bed are growing well. The thyme, sage, lemon balm, and oregano I started from seed three years ago are still growing strong, along with chives, basil, parsley, dill, chamomile, calendula, and CILANTRO. (I can't wait for the cilantro to grow.)

I finally cut the garlic scapes today, too, egged on by the thought of grilling up a heap of them tonight for supper and pureeing up a spicy pesto for lunch tomorrow.   I even added a few to the dining room vase again, because they're lovely.

After Pip accidentally spilled a few on the porch,

Zeke happened along for taste-testing.  Good to know that they're not poison.

It Had to Be Done

I asked Pip to carry the garlic scapes inside, but when she made a pit stop to indulge in her and Luci's favorite snack (fistfuls of chives, to which their powerful breath regularly attests), I couldn't resist taking more snapshots.

Because, look!, she's wearing ANOTHER SUNSUIT.

Oooh, chives.

 Let's have another...

 and another...

 How about one more?

At last, loath to leave her patch of stinky heaven, she stood.

She stared me down.

Then, with a heave-ho, she lugged those scapes inside, a stray chive stem tucked between her lips.


Even Poultry Have Heroes

And, clearly, Susie's hen is one.  Not only does she waltz into our house without trepidation (in the last week, we've found her both in the basement and the library) but also she leaps tall buildings in a single bound.

 I think she even knows how to fly for real.  Take that, Batman!

We Mailed Them Straight to Buckingham

I need to update buildabelly someday.

Before the pink rose bush shed all its blooms last week, Millie made rose petal muffins with rosewater glaze.  They were sweet, delicate, and refined, and I pretended I was the Queen of England while I ate them in my stained pajamas.

I bet someone out there in internet land would like the recipe.  (Queen Elizabeth, perhaps?  C'mon, Your Majesty, you know they look good.)