Real Time (Call Me Ruby)

After a long wait, berries are finally beginning to ripen on Mount Hunger.

Just a bit ago, Wolf Boy discovered he could pluck enough for a small bowlful.

I discovered something, too-- John strung my birthday hammock in just the right place.


The sky is flat and gray and skims the trees like a low-hanging roof.  After sheets of rain flattened us earlier, we and the nearly-finished gardens wait for more rain, and seeds yet unsown sit piled on the dining room table. 

The almost comical regret and sorrow I felt yesterday centered around a lack of flaked coconut in the cupboards. Today would be a perfect day to warm the house by making a German chocolate cake, but just like last year, we have no flaked coconut in the house.   Unlike past years, we won't settle for making a spice cake, instead.

The Reason for cake-making on June 8th has flown. 
We miss you, Dad.
Happy birthday.