SIZZLE! and BOOM! and POW!

Like a cannon-man wearing smoke and a spandex suit, shooting toward the spotlight, here's a post.
Blog long defunct, I am not sorry.  Reader (or two?) long neglected, I am perhaps a little bit sorry.  Life seasons being what they are, and this one being of particular busyness, shotsnaps faced the axe.  I didn't deliberately choose neglect; it simply happened. You may be thankful that I treat my children better than I treat my blog.

Here is a crumb to chew on until that time when I flood this space with such a potent mix of excessive snapshots and words that you wish the internet was never invented.

So for you, my faithful few, I share a rarity near miraculous!  A sight long unseen!  A scarce and skittish creature!...

An Owen Family Photo.

Actually, I give six snapshots, plus a bonus, with variations so slight that only I can spot them.  (And, no, that's not a challenge, but if you spy them, I'll give you a lollipop!) Today I requested our first ever Fancy Family Photo, and John stoically faced the lens with its click-click-click.  TODAY!  This is as close to real-time blogging as you're likely to get from these parts.

Those of you with more than one family photo under your belt are probably better at this than we are.

Out of the thirty pictures, Zeke was showing off his admittedly fine belly in nearly half, 

while in the other half, the aptly named Pip showed her stuff.

Here's your BONUS:

But, look!  After scrubbing behind our ears, going to church, unpacking the van, shoving aside the living room debris to create a small oasis of clean, and asking Piper to please stop making faces at the camera, we look spiffy, if I do say so myself.  (Which I just now did...)

ATTENTION: Grandmothers, don't print these just yet.  You just might be seeing some as part of your Christmas present.