I Do TOO Have Fat Babies: For Missus R. I-Forgot-Your-Middle-Name N., the Promised (Albeit Unrequested) Proof

Ineke definitely holds the current title, but I've commanded Cadence to take notes on her success and follow suit, asap.

Annika was impressively fat, too, but I just wasted enough time finding this electronic proof for the other two and am manfully resisting sifting through the photo albums (pre-blog, old-school) for proof of Annika's smoosh.  Ah, the lure of pride.  It demanded I procrastinate from planting more tomatoes. I had no choice.  :)

Susannah Wren:

At not quite three months.

Another moon face at three months.

Still moon-faced at about four months, with a belly to beat all.

Oooh, yeah.  Our favorite laundromat. About 4 months.

Ears?  Who needs ears?  I have cheeks, don't I?

Yes, rolls.  (But this was actually when she was a bit older and pulling herself around, so she'd slimmed down.  Boo to that.)

As a wee thing, she shared my chin gene.

The best one I have, best viewed LARGE to see the rolls. She was about four months old here.

Okay.  Piper Joy's turn.

Pip as a newborn, a scrawny-bird-girl.  (Scroll down for snapshots...)

Pip a whopping TWO months later...ZOOOO-WEEEE MAMA!  (Make sure you scroll down.)

At four months.

And here's my favorite.  It shows Pip as a newborn and then three months later.  So stinking impressive.  She worked hard for that figure!

Phew.  Now there's no denying it.  The Owen name can = Fat Babies.   And now, off to the tomatoes!


Real Time, Two Minutes Past

Me: What are some characteristics that define a mammal?

Young child under the age of ten*:  Are WE mammals?

Me: Yes, we are.

Young child under the age of ten:, emphatically: They lay EGGS!

Me, uncertainly:  Um.  Do we lay eggs?

The room dissolves in laughter.

(Privacy protected per child's request.)


Vacation's End

I hadn't taken pictures since my last post a week and a half ago. Two weeks spent lazing about, having the grand surprise of my brother's family dropping in from 3 hours away with their passel of boys and a truckload of pizza, enjoying our Owen family for a short visit and admiring my sister-in-law's baby belly, visiting with my sister and nieces, gobbling a few meals delivered in celebration of Cadence and opening gifts from kind people...and not one snapshot.

John's work gave him 2 weeks off for my "medical condition" of bringing a new baby home, and we were busy enjoying him for a good long stretch.  I think I made two meals-- maybe-- over the course of those two weeks, which means we also ate like kings, because John is an excellent cook.  Alas, work claimed him back again, so after 2 weeks off from hlearning, we, too, returned to the daily grind.

The daily grind includes blogging, right?  To mark our return to normal life as a family of ten, I broke out the camera the day before yesterday and started snapping like a maniac.  Here I place them.

Upon the Bed

When nursing leads to sleep, she breathes out a string of high, soft sighs.   One high-pitched sigh comes with each exhale, and the rhythm nearly lulls me to sleep, too.  Cadence's cadence.

She's pretty nice awake, too.

As is this small, sweet, wild beast getting ready for naptime.

Big News

The boys splashed an Atlantic's worth of water on the bathroom floor during their bath yesterday.  

And Aidan is still sometimes leery of the vacuum cleaner...

Clean as a Dirty Whistle

After their bath, I let them eat yogurt popsicles.

Not the smartest consecutive decisions I've ever made.

All About the Ex-Baby

He still plays with boats and cars.

He still drives my legs to foreign lands.

He's still small enough to drowsily cuddle up.

He's still the cutest Klingon ever created.

In One Try, Guess One of Millie's Favorite Colors

I asked Millie to run upstairs and bring down a new outfit for Cadence, and upon her return, she announced that she'd picked the girliest, pinkest outfit she could find.

Later that day, I caught her smugly admiring her handiwork.


I think I've mentioned before that Millie, following in John's footsteps, surprises me with the most delicious liquid concoctions in all seasons.  Judging from this decaf mocha iced coffee (with freshly whipped cream she pilfered while making butter), the summer season has already arrived.  In the last week, she's also started making me mug cakes in the microwave, which means I'll be fat and happy for the rest of my life, however short it may be due to prematurely clogged arteries...

My displaced baby boy.

Girls in green and happy hlearning for once.

Annika asked me to take a picture of her twirl, so I obliged.

The spin ended with this flourish, and I laughed seeing, behind the fine and delicate lady, her unicycle and soccer ball.

When she asked why I was laughing, my explanation caused a request for this picture under the pull-up bar, so I obliged again.