I think I've mentioned before that Millie, following in John's footsteps, surprises me with the most delicious liquid concoctions in all seasons.  Judging from this decaf mocha iced coffee (with freshly whipped cream she pilfered while making butter), the summer season has already arrived.  In the last week, she's also started making me mug cakes in the microwave, which means I'll be fat and happy for the rest of my life, however short it may be due to prematurely clogged arteries...

My displaced baby boy.

Girls in green and happy hlearning for once.

Annika asked me to take a picture of her twirl, so I obliged.

The spin ended with this flourish, and I laughed seeing, behind the fine and delicate lady, her unicycle and soccer ball.

When she asked why I was laughing, my explanation caused a request for this picture under the pull-up bar, so I obliged again.

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Rebecca said...

And she sports both personas equally well!