I Do TOO Have Fat Babies: For Missus R. I-Forgot-Your-Middle-Name N., the Promised (Albeit Unrequested) Proof

Ineke definitely holds the current title, but I've commanded Cadence to take notes on her success and follow suit, asap.

Annika was impressively fat, too, but I just wasted enough time finding this electronic proof for the other two and am manfully resisting sifting through the photo albums (pre-blog, old-school) for proof of Annika's smoosh.  Ah, the lure of pride.  It demanded I procrastinate from planting more tomatoes. I had no choice.  :)

Susannah Wren:

At not quite three months.

Another moon face at three months.

Still moon-faced at about four months, with a belly to beat all.

Oooh, yeah.  Our favorite laundromat. About 4 months.

Ears?  Who needs ears?  I have cheeks, don't I?

Yes, rolls.  (But this was actually when she was a bit older and pulling herself around, so she'd slimmed down.  Boo to that.)

As a wee thing, she shared my chin gene.

The best one I have, best viewed LARGE to see the rolls. She was about four months old here.

Okay.  Piper Joy's turn.

Pip as a newborn, a scrawny-bird-girl.  (Scroll down for snapshots...)

Pip a whopping TWO months later...ZOOOO-WEEEE MAMA!  (Make sure you scroll down.)

At four months.

And here's my favorite.  It shows Pip as a newborn and then three months later.  So stinking impressive.  She worked hard for that figure!

Phew.  Now there's no denying it.  The Owen name can = Fat Babies.   And now, off to the tomatoes!


Abigail said...

Aha! Diana. (I think.)

heidiann(e) said...

These are positively scrumptious.
The bath-tub one with Susie is my favorite.

Around here, we call this our Rolls Royce.

Best things around.

Rebecca said...

Well. It's a fact. They were both chubs! But in the cutest ways ever. Piper especially made up for lost time being so skinny. I couldn't believe that little 4 pound bum! Holy smokers! I got quite a charge out of Piper and cousin at the newborn stage and then a short time later. Too funny.

I guess I don't remember because you were in Buffalo with Susie? OR I was in State College? Either that or I just have a terrible memory...which is a distinct possibility.

That was a fun trip down memory lane. Thanks!

R. DIANA. N (your memory astounds!)

Abigail said...

You definitely have an excuse for Susannah. I think you guys moved northward after Piper was born, and so missed Susannah's dumpling dimples in person. They're just not the same on the screen.