Vacation's End

I hadn't taken pictures since my last post a week and a half ago. Two weeks spent lazing about, having the grand surprise of my brother's family dropping in from 3 hours away with their passel of boys and a truckload of pizza, enjoying our Owen family for a short visit and admiring my sister-in-law's baby belly, visiting with my sister and nieces, gobbling a few meals delivered in celebration of Cadence and opening gifts from kind people...and not one snapshot.

John's work gave him 2 weeks off for my "medical condition" of bringing a new baby home, and we were busy enjoying him for a good long stretch.  I think I made two meals-- maybe-- over the course of those two weeks, which means we also ate like kings, because John is an excellent cook.  Alas, work claimed him back again, so after 2 weeks off from hlearning, we, too, returned to the daily grind.

The daily grind includes blogging, right?  To mark our return to normal life as a family of ten, I broke out the camera the day before yesterday and started snapping like a maniac.  Here I place them.


Full of Grace said...

She is so sweet and beautiful.

Griffen said...

Oh my!! Seeing comments from you in my space made me feel the vastness of time since my last visit to your space... Could it have been so long that you found yourself with child and WITH child since then?!! Family of TEN!! All our happiest wishes to you and John and your sweetling ... And now I scroll down in anticipation of what is surely a beautiful name to match with this beautiful creature! -Sandy (too lazy to sign out as Griffen)

Rebecca said...

I LOVE that first picture! She is lovely and I love being able to see her in real life every week. Lucky, lucky lady.