More Real Time

Ezekiel, inspired this morning by the play mixer that Luci recieved from G&G Owen as an early birthday present: "Mama, how do you make bread?"

I explained the components common to most simple breads, adding, "And if you want a rich bread, like the one we make for Communion, you add a couple of eggs to the dough."

He was lost in thought for a few moments before coming closer and stage-whispering his plans to make Lucinda a loaf of bread for her birthday today, "I wanna make a rich bread with lotsa eggs."

"How many eggs do you want to add to the dough?" I stage-whispered back.

"A miiiillion eggs.  I wanna make a rich bread-- a very, very rich bread."

I haven't yet found a gentle way to sway him from his plans, and I'm pretty sure he's envisioning something this glorious.


Real Time

Annika, wondering why I still pull out my gray hairs occasionally, when anyone can see it's a losing battle: "Why don't you like gray hair?"

Me: "I DO like gray hair!  I'm just still coming to terms with the idea that I'm old enough to grow them."

Ezekiel overheard this exchange from the other room and quickly entered the conversation.  With great emphasis and obviously relishing the inevitable, "YEAH!  And you gonna be bald SOON.  Bald and bald and BALD."

It is said that children bring joy to a household.   This is true.  (Sigh.)

Signing off,
Your Friend Ol' Baldy