Real Time

Annika, wondering why I still pull out my gray hairs occasionally, when anyone can see it's a losing battle: "Why don't you like gray hair?"

Me: "I DO like gray hair!  I'm just still coming to terms with the idea that I'm old enough to grow them."

Ezekiel overheard this exchange from the other room and quickly entered the conversation.  With great emphasis and obviously relishing the inevitable, "YEAH!  And you gonna be bald SOON.  Bald and bald and BALD."

It is said that children bring joy to a household.   This is true.  (Sigh.)

Signing off,
Your Friend Ol' Baldy


Titi said...

Pshaw. I'm more and more convinced that a few grey hairs aren't a sign of aging, just a sign of how observant one is. I found my first one when I was 16, and I already managed to find one on Deirdre. (Likewise, I have been threatened with baldness since my teens, too. Curly hair is rather thin.)

Abigail said...

I've been finding them for 8+ years now, and given the number I've plucked, Ezekiel's prediction may well come true! It's a good thing I DIDN'T notice them when I was 16! I would have been bald by now. :)

cadie said...

I was surprised by how many silver hairs I saw glinting in the light when I looked in the mirror the other day. I've found one on occasion, but never seen so many all at once. I counted them as I pulled them out, till I got up to 9. When I told Deirdre about it, she said "Why were you pulling them out?! Do you want to be BALD?!"

I said, "Well, to tell you the truth, it was because the gleaming color looked so different from the others, it just automatically made me want to pull them. And because I wanted to count how many it was."

She said, "Ah, just your obsessive compulsiveness again."

I've noticed several more after that hair-pulling session, but I've decided to try to curb those obsessive compulsive urges. :P

It's sort of like a badge of honor for me, or ironic. Everyone thinks I'm 10 years younger than I am, but HA! - I have 12 gray hairs!! See!! I'm not actually a baby!! (And then another part of me thinks - yikes! Am I an old maid? and envisions myself with half my hair gray in another five or ten years.)

heidiann(e) said...

Oh, Ezekiel!
This made me truly laugh aloud.

Abigail said...


That's it! The exact urge. I have far more than 12 at this point, though, so it's time to stop!

Glad of that. :)