More (Almost) Real Time

Because my children aren't the only sillies in the house...

We spent most of today in the garden, trying to get some seeds and plants in the ground before rain comes tonight and stays for the next few days.  Half an hour ago, I was tired and dragging as we finished up the potato row.  Shuffling past Mildred with the wheelbarrow, I mumbled, "Hey, Babe.  Grab my pillow there, will you, and bring it to the manure pile."


I wanted her to grab the shovel I'd just tossed on the ground.  How's that for subconscious desires speaking, huh?


(Almost) Real Time

After they completed their afternoon chores, I let the children watch an episode of "Liberty's Kids" while I decluttered the bathrooms like a crazy woman.  Knee-deep in a pile of towels and toiletries, I called Zeke upstairs and told him it was time for his nap.

Both disappointed and desperate to watch some rare television, he replied, "Oh, but please!  Pleeease can me watch "Puberty Kids" with the girls?"

How could I refuse?