(Almost) Real Time

After they completed their afternoon chores, I let the children watch an episode of "Liberty's Kids" while I decluttered the bathrooms like a crazy woman.  Knee-deep in a pile of towels and toiletries, I called Zeke upstairs and told him it was time for his nap.

Both disappointed and desperate to watch some rare television, he replied, "Oh, but please!  Pleeease can me watch "Puberty Kids" with the girls?"

How could I refuse?


Abigail said...

It's clear he's in a house with several girls who are growing older--
what a vocabulary for a new five-year old!

Deborah Johnson said...

Ha! Haaaaaa!!! That's pretty awesome.

sarah said...

I'm not sure which show I'd rather watch. That guy!

(A poem about posting comments-

I tried to post
But I can't see
If I commented one time or three
My longest comment it did abort
so now I'm keeping it quite short
I like it all
I laugh and grin
but I have to start over again)

Abigail said...

Definitely Liberty's Kids. Seriously, you're practically at the Puberty Kids section of the parenting show already, with private home screenings and everything!

And I'll take a poem any day of the week.
Especially from a scptate.