Johnson Children, Gather Round

Here's the truth.

I currently have an ermine in my basement freezer because it just seemed like the right thing to do.
I guess genetic heritage is hard to overcome.

In a stroke of good fortune, my father-in-law left the perfect storage box for it.

(And I'm pretty sure Dad would approve...)



In honor of the third day since November ninth that bare ground has appeared (following on the heels of yesterday, day the second), I took Skylark outside this morning to document her birthday dress.

I bought (yes, bought) her this four dollar frock because I could not resist it (okay, "resist" is probably not the right word, as I jubilantly bought it after actively searching for just such a dress). It stands in lieu of the birthday gift I never made her but that still revolves inside my head in all its untainted perfection. Most of the time, things look better in my head, anyway.

I'm mourning that, after a year of dandelion poof, her hair is starting to settle down, even though some residual poof remains. Darn gravity. 

You had a good run, though, little one. Here's to long and luscious locks in 2019!
Oh, how we love you.