Good Intentions, All Timely and Suchlike

Two weeks ago, after ignoring my children in every spare moment for three straight days, all in order to catch up on three months of electronic snapshot archival, I was ready to call it quits and shut down shotsnaps...again.

To offset my grumbling, Mildred suggested that I put up a blog post every week.  I've thought of this before, indeed, among other handy ideas I've never implemented for more than a week at a time.  On Saturday, I meant to take her up on the suggestion, but instead I returned to my week's work, a.k.a. the Basement of Doom, to- thank heavens!- reveal a floor and finish ordering two year's worth of neglect.

Anyway, Mildred's suggestion, along with the overwhelmingly positive response of the universe to my last 45 blog posts (Thanks for the comment, Dierdre Deirdre!  Heidi, you also win a prize.) was enough to convince me that one way in which I can improve the world is to offer more snapshots.

So here-- excepting the brilliant and numerous photos my children take- is the last week and a half's worth of snapshots with minimal commentary because lunch break's over.


Abigail said...

The best part-- the very BEST part-- is that I was not clever enough to misspell your name on purpose, Deirdre. It was another honestly stupid mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I just wanted to encourage you to keep up with your Blog. But I guess it is selfish of me because I enjoy your pictures, commentary, recipes and watching your family grow. God Bless Amelia Cuffee

Anonymous said...

And your honesty! Amelia

Deborah Purdy said...

Yes, keep blogging! You have a bunch of avid readers, but we're all too lazy, or timid, or what-have-you, to leave comments worthy of the posts. I read every single post. And chuckle. And sigh. And laugh outright. (I also happen to know of at LEAST one other family who makes it a practice of reading your blog regularly.) So post away! And may the ne'erdowell readers (ahem, like me...) start leaving comments. We all have our good intentions, I suppose.

Rebecca said...

I really look forward to this new plan. Waaaaaaay better than shutting down entirely.

I SO enjoy reading your blog but find the glut of dozens of posts in a day to be too intimidating to comment on. What happens then is I read each and every awesome post and smile and laugh and love every minute of it and then I think- well, my time has run out...I'll comment later when the kids aren't belly-aching for breakfast. (as IF.) And then, it seems too daunting a task so I don't ever make my way back over until the next glut. Which I devour, albeit silently.

So you see- it isn't YOU. It's me.

You are by far my favorite blog. And one of my favorite people so I hope this new plan works better for you. I'd hate to be CUT OFF. ;-)

Molly said...

Oh my goodness! I see I am LATE to this discussion.

Most of the time I'm viewing from my phone and I dislike using the tiny keyboard for comments but I'll do better!

I do enjoy sending "snail" mail to you and I know I've written to how much I enjoy your posts & pics. Your blog gives me such joy and inspiration. Seeing your family grow warms my heart. I'm glad "Millie The Wise" offered another solution, bless her! I do concur with all earlier comments...thank you for keeping it going!

Much love!

Abigail said...

Amelia C.,
Thanks for popping your head out! I always think it's pretty cool when someone steps out from behind the screen to say hullo. And thank you, too, for your encouragement. I won't stop blogging. I'm just always tempted to when I misuse my time! And since you mentioned recipes, I'll have to get on that in the new year and actually post some. :)

YOU! I just saw your new blog the other day and am very happy to have your words back....but....I didn't leave a comment yet. I'm very familiar with those good intentions.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Forty-five comments, one for each post, is not to much to ask!!! How could you deprive me of the pleasure of reading your comments when it would only take you a mere 45 hours of your time to leave them?! Instead you, like a selfish brute, tend to your children and love them and make delicious meals and sew beautiful gifts and and and. Sheesh. What a bum.

We have a box of letters and trinkets for you. It's only waiting to be topped with a handmade gift for you and one for Megan....but I haven't made them yet, and here I sit blogging. Akkk! Getting off now. :)

Abigail said...

Too, too much to ask.
I need more "o"s in my life.

Rebecca Rowley said...

Abigail, I too truly enjoy your blog. Its the ONLY ONE I faithfully check in on. And I do gain such joy out of peeping in on your life from time to time. Your words regarding the loss of your dad have been particularly meaningful to me as my own father went to glory 1.5 years ago. Thank you for taking the time and energy to continue!

Abigail said...


I had no idea you were still reading. I am glad for this! Somehow the world seems smaller when I know there are still connections to Houghton folk.

I am truly sorry to hear about your father. There is a kinship in loss, and I pray the Great Comforter draws close to you and your family as you miss your dad during this holy season.