Tough Love

She spends a lot of time in the upstairs landing, playing with the dollhouse.

Before too much longer,

this angel may very well inadvertently break and lose everything inside it.

Who, ME?!  (Naw.  Must be someone else.)


Rebecca said...

We are going through that here too- Middle and Biggle gets frustrated with Little when she messes everything up. But, boy, does she have fun doing it! Our dollhouse is so ginormous though- I've told the girls to move the fragile kitchen, with it's teeny forks and clay food to the highest room- way over Ineke's head and give her the play room with all the babies and popsicle stick bunk beds. Hasn't happened yet though.

Abigail said...

Our clay food is almost entirely decimated by this point. I should have thought of that!