Millie has been knitting up a storm, and many of her projects never make it on here, but this is a current work-in-progress, included because the model is one we like to have around.


Rebecca said...

Wow! So many amazing knits- that girl of yours never ceases to amaze me.

As for the question on my blog about baby rompers- both of those rompers were bought on Amazon when they were 3.99 a piece. I went on to order one for Ineke's birthday present and noticed those had increased in price- one of them all the way up to $10 bucks! Weird.

If ever I find a pattern (I'll be on the lookout) I'll definitely pass it along though.

Deborah Purdy said...

Ha!!! That Grumpy Babies shot is the best. It had me laughing, too. :)

Abigail said...

Whats weird is not that they're $10 now but that they were so reasonable to begin with! Ineke looks painfully darling in them...so darling....it causes me pain. ;)
Too bad about the pattern, though, not that I would have ever made one before Cadence turns ten (sigh).

The post should have just been a giant version of that picture. It's one of the best things on my entire blog.

Abigail said...

(What apostrophe s)


Abigail said...

Not labor contractions!

Grammar contractions!