No Such Thing As Seasonal

While the girls spent their time skiing, sledding, and skateboarding* down the hill, Zeke selflessly regraded the driveway for us.

* They use some of John's old skateboards as snowboards, with the wheels removed, of course.


Rebecca said...

I always admire homes that light roof lines. I am kinda sorta terrified of heights- so that is never an option for me- maybe that is why I think they are so amazing?

And that greenery swag? Gorgeous.

heidiann(e) said...

Whoa - that is so great. Phil is obsessed with "skate-skiing" right now. That's basically a skateboard, used as a snowboard. He found a manufactured one on Craig's list as soon as he passed his last final. I can't wait to tell him your kids are doing it too!

Abigail said...

I love heights but find that it's attaching lights that's problematic! I put them up after cleaning out the gutters, but there are no gutters on that side of the house, and the clips kept falling off, so...duct tape. Classy, Abby. Really classy.

I have hopes of making enough swags to attach under each road-facing window, too, which is totally copying my cousin's house, but I only made the one. Someday, maybe?

You're kidding me! That's an actual thing?! The girls have been doing it for a few years, because Annie wanted a snowboard "sooooo bad," but they're, you know, expensive, so John gave them a couple of bare boards that he still had kicking around in the basement.

I'll have to tell the girls they're really cool people now... :)