For Deirdre: The Proof's in the Pudding Face

Deirdre heard through the grapevine that Cadence is a bit "spunky" but, alas, had no evidence because "she always looks so sweet and angelic on your blog."

Well, for one thing, I hadn't blogged in three months, and three months is long enough for spunk to burst forth from germination into full flower.  For another thing,  dear readers, one should never place one's complete trust in blogs. They are displays, curated memories, platforms, what have you...but they are rarely perfectly accurate in reflecting the nuances of life.

I came across this doodle one day.  How's that for nuanced?

The artist drew it tongue-in-cheek, but nevertheless...

(This next face brought to you by a little girl who was upset when I said she couldn't go swimming, even though she had a life jacket on.  It was 40 degrees out.)

What?  You don't want little chefs on the table?  Especially little chefs who are eating your watercolor tubes?!

Not even little chefs who prepare a delicious spread for you on the kitchen floor???!!!!  Killjoy.

She thinks glue sticks are chapstick and smears them on her face whenever she finds one, but this was a new variation on that old theme.  I was sitting on the couch and smelled deodorant.  Right next to me, hiding under the table, Cadence had been vigorously applying the largest chapstick tube yet all over her lips.  Teethmarks, too.  Good thing Tom's is all-natural, eh?

There you are! (Pen scribbles on foot included at no extra charge.)