Obligatory State Fair Post, Because I Must

My tribe watching a Six Nations tribe dance on Turtle Mound.  At eight months pregnant, I was glad to just sit my large self down somewhere.

Millie in mid-covet at the fiber arts tent (those spinning wheels kill her!).


Angora-stroking.  I even got in on the action here. 

Butter sculpture.  Yum.

Sand sculpture.

This side made me laugh out loud.

I'm certain this is a balanced and fair representation of anyone who opposed women's voting rights....cough, cough.

I didn't want to pay an extra $2 to go in the butterfly tent, especially since, at 8 months pregnant, I still just wanted to sit my large self down somewhere-- in this case, the floor-- so Annika took (lots of) pictures of girls holding (lots of) butterflies for me.

Almost everyone took a turn on the antique player piano, but I only took a picture of Zeke and this kind man who pumped the pedals with him.  Bad picture but a bittersweet moment.  After he offered to help Zeke have a turn, the man chose this song to play, and seeing the young boy and old man play it together struck me with a turn of sadness.

One ride apiece, thanks to our county fair winnings.  Annika, unsurprisingly, chose the biggest roller coaster she could find.

Everyone else picked something else.

Annie paid for an extra ride, and she, Millie, and Susannah are up there somewhere, ending another good year.

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