St. Lucia

It's only our second year in, and we're already turning renegade.  Since our family contains seven girls, we've decided to alter the tradition of "oldest daughter Lucia" and take turns from oldest to yougest (or maybe with Millie playing the role of Lucia every other year).  Also, since-- alas-- we had no expensive saffron threads this year, we settled for imitation lussekatter, which were just regular cinnamon buns, rolled differently and with the addition of two raisins apiece.

 Here is Annika, my fake oldest daughter, working diligently while everyone sleeps upstairs.

I had to make a new crown, and Annika tested it out before we went outside to cut pine branches to add on top. 

Fresh rolls, right before bed, wait to be reheated the next morning, and I have NO IDEA why one is missing.

 After a short night's sleep, here is the most recent incarnation of Lucia, ready to serve.

 Aidan's reaction when he awoke made us both laugh.

Zeke was a harder sell.

Cadence took some coaxing, too, but only because it was early and extremely cold that morning.  Blankets almost won out over rolls and hot coffee, can you imagine?


 Our Little Fire wearing fire.  Shhh.  No one tell him that he'll never get to play St. Lucia. 


Rebecca said...

gorgeous. I am always amazed at the prim and ladylike walking required with those candle wreaths...but Annie looks to have done very well. The Tomboy that she is, she'd still do quite nicely at any girls' finishing school.

Deborah Purdy said...

What fantastic memories you guys are making. I can just imagine having that fireglow, cinnamon bun-lussekater tradition as a kid. Sheer magic, early rising and all.

heidiann(e) said...

These are so lovely.

I'm also surprised by how much Annie looks like you in a couple of these snaps

What a beautiful tradition.

Abigail said...

It's the athlete in her. :)

I am definitely living vicariously through all of this, bringing all childhood fantasies to tangible form!

She is far more beautiful. I think it's the lazy-low-mom-ponytail she has in the first few pictures that brings out the resemblance from the side.