Real Time

There's rumor swirling of an impending snapshot avalanche within a week or two. Nearly six months-worth is a tidy sum, indeed. You might want to stay away for a while.

For now, here's another anecdote that no one cares about but me (a la an apt segment of an Isaac Asimov short story: "It went on for a while and wasn't too bad as bright sayings by bright children as told by dull parents go.")


I was just desperately licking out every last smear of Nutella from an empty jar. I've never bought Nutella in my life, but I think it's one of the most sublime foods on earth, and two jars were handed to us a few weeks back. I've had more than my fair share of spoonfuls (to put it mildly).

Zeke was sitting next to me on a stool and watching me lick my fingers when I murmured, "I think Nutella is the most delicious food on earth."

Zeke tilted his head before saying, "Mmmm. No, Mama! It CAN'T be the sweetest food on earth. YOU are the sweetest thing on earth!"

He's too young to be sarcastic, otherwise I would have thought he was slamming me for sure, but, no, he just leaned over and gave me a big ol' hug.

Some little girl has no idea of what she's in for someday.

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