Torture Chamber

...but it was worth it to give something to the grandmas.

Merry ninth day of Christmas!

And a happy New Year!


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

A lovely fam. Even with the silliness. Especially with the silliness. ;^)

Abigail said...

Thanks! Perhaps I should just dispense with trying for a "nice" picture. The silly ones are effortless! :)

Joel Dunham said...

Abigail, I got a very nice Christmas card from you with an ORDER to visit you, so we Dunhams intend to comply, and show up on February 13th. I tried phoning, e-mailing, FB messaging all to no avail. Just posted a snail mail. Please give me a call at (541) 261-8707 if you see this as we are SERIOUS. Joel Dunham

Abigail said...

Wow. If only my children obeyed so promptly. :)

John is increasingly hard to reach now that he made the smartmove to a dumbphone (which he keeps turned off and in his car). He just emailed you the done deal, and I'll send you my phone number in case you need to reach us more quickly.

Wahoo! I can't believe this is actually happening! Since Sonya stopped blogging, I've been wondering what your family is up to (snoop that I am). It'll be good to catch up.

Joel the Dunham said...

Yay -- just left you a voicemail. This is gonna happen.

Molly said...

A gorgeous Christmas picture! I cannot believe how much the children have grown. Beautiful!

heidiann(e) said...

Um, this photo series is great.

And so is publicly planning your get-togethers.

So, now I know.... and I am ALSO inclined to show up Feb 13th.


Abigail said...

Thanks, Molly!

HEIDI! Stay tuned for details re. a Woodchuck Powwow, probably on Feb.16th. (I'm waiting to see if John can get off work.) Spread the word!