Real Time Mystery

An unnamed girl just stormed into the room and burst out, "I'm NEVER going to live in Ohio, even if my true love lives there. I'll MAKE him move here (unless-he-lives-in-Florida-and-is-a-Wallenda...then-I'll-move-there). Do you know why?!!?!?!?!!!"

That's nearly an exact quote.

When I looked up quizzically, she continued, "Because you can't SMILE on your driver's license! Isn't that CRAZY?! Why won't they let you smile?!!!?!!"

Now guess the girl.


Deborah Purdy said...

Easy peasy. Wallenda was about as good as saying her name... Clearly, it was the Ardent Girl herself.

cadie said...

I can hear in my head your second born using those words (including the parenthetical thought) and the passion and the many exclamation points. I can hear it in my head so clearly! Gotta be her!

Making Cents Of It All said...

Don't tell her that you can't smile on your passport.

Abigail said...

Spot on, Deb and Cadie! No guesswork involved with this one. :)

I just told her, only to be met with groans and incredulous, buggy eyes. This whole world is disappointing our smiley girl!