First Day: 2015

I pulled out the camera on the first day of h'learning.  One eighth grader, one seventh grader, one fourth grader, one second grader, one brand spankin' new kindergartner, one Hulkish lion, and one tiny monster tearing around outside the frame.  Pick any outfit you want in the entire house, wear any of my shoes you choose, and I'll put up your hair however you'd like. Tradition!

"How would you like me to do your hair, Millie?"  
(She makes things so easy.)

Zeke agonized over whether he should be The Lion or The Hulk, and finally settled on a curious mix of the two.

I can't wait until the day comes when they discover what other children's new school year photos look like.  That's gonna be a fun uproar.

Oh, my.  These two.

So, SO excited to learn to read and to "do math."  

The first day went surprisingly smoothly.  All those new pencils and fresh pink erasers lulled them right into happy learning.

Plus, the nutritious mid-afternoon snack I provided nourished their brains like nothing else could.


Farmgirl said...

My, how much I love these pictures! And how much I really want to throw the brakes on public school, out-of-home-learning and dive into h'learning myself. Every year I say this. Every year, we don't. But that's another story for another day. I'd love to hear more, though. But better in person!

Abigail said...

So much better in person. If you ever are at a point at which you're able to try the switch, though, I highly recommend it! And that recommendation even comes from an overwhelmed and scattered teacher-mama... Think of all that could be done if you're neither of those! ;)

Rebecca said...

I think you should join in this dressing up tradition as well. My two cents. ;-)

Here's to another year!

Abigail said...

I did dress up! I was fully clothed.