A Tool for Good (You'll like this one, Deborah.)

Brought to you by Spur-of-the-Moment, Real-Time Posts for the Betterment of the World at Large (i.e. Yes, We Have Internet Again)

Overheard at the top of the stairs a minute ago:

Millie: I'll let you go down once you give me the password.

Ezekiel: Ummm.  Debbie and Rundy kiss.

Millie: Nope.

Zeke: Debbie and Rundy eat soup.

Millie: Nope.

Zeke: Mama and PAPA kiss.

Millie: Nope.

Zeke: Ummm.  Mama and Papa kiss while they're eating soup.

With that gem, of course she let him pass. (And now you know the secret password, too.)


Deborah Johnson said...

Ha! This is excellent. :)

Renata AtSunnyside said...

Yay for internet!!! You've been missed. Love the secret password :) Although doing both at the same time would be rather awkward....

Hope you are doing well!