Fathers and Papas, Both

To the man who named me "Father's Joy" Joy, as if he knew a double portion and reminder would be useful in years to come, to the one who raised seven children through toils and snares, to the one who left his mark on the whole band of us who miss him all days and this day, Happy Father's Day, Dad.

And to this man, my partner in crime and all else, with two more children swimming in those pools, it's all still true.  Key Lime Pie, Blue.


sarah said...

I love your blog and your posts- I love seeing your family and the double joy that has multiplied more and more. Thank you for sharing these moments and inviting us in.
(But I am seeing two? Am I right? Double joys, all at once?!)

sarah said...

Or two more since your last post? That makes sense, too. You can't blame me for hoping.