All on a Summer's Day

My brother Andy and his family (except Aponi, whom we missed) came home for the entire month of June to help Mom with a long string of tasks-- wood-splitting, haying, window-replacing, and all-around tinkering and fixing of things.  They worked their tails off for pretty much the entire month, and at the end of June, we all gathered at our place for a family picnic to send them off. 

I took about three of the following pictures (can you guess which three?).  When one Mopsy has seven children and those children marry and provide 25 grandchildren, and all of those people eat and gab together and mill about, there's a lot of leeway for camera-stealing and taking-hundreds-of-pictures-while-Abby's-occupied.

So, Johnson clan, here are pictures, taken by some of you young ones, by which we remember the day.


Deborah Johnson said...

The picture with Pete in the back left is my favorite. What in the world is he doing?

Abigail said...

I laughed at that one, too! It's such a typical Pete stance. And who on earth knows?!?