Summertime Doodles

My sister Debbie has a running joke about any Christmas celebration or birthday of hers.  Here's the joke-- I'm going to doodle her something.  Great joke, huh?!  It stems from a birthday a few years back when I painted her a red-winged blackbird on her birthday and was so displeased with it that I ripped it to shreds while she watched.  Yeah.  Happy birthday!

Since that point, as every Christmas or birthday approaches, I say I intend to paint her a replacement, yet I never do, so this year on the morning of her birthday, I determined that this was the year to make good on that intention.  I had no waterproof pens, and the ink ran once I added the paint, but it was hugely satisfying to put paint on paper.  I had so much fun I'm planning more paint-a-doodles for people....someday.

This doesn't really count as a doodle, but since I doodle so rarely these days (years), I'm counting it!  My sister-in-law Sarah asked me to draw her wedding invitation, and it only took fifty million tries before I doodled people who looked like her and her intended. ;)

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