And Then We Left

After leaving the Met, we walked through Times Square and past lots of city blocks to reach F.A.O. Schwartz.  We went there nine years ago, but Millie barely remembered it.

We window-shopped a world of materialistic marvels, as well as life-size superheros made of Legos, but I think Pip preferred paintings at the Met.

They also played the Big (LOUD) Piano, which is a requirement for hillbilly tourists.

I took these pictures as we walked back to Penn Station because I thought our walking-in-the-city game plan was funny.  John: in front with a child-in-stroller and sometimes an additional child holding his hand.  Me: in the rear with a child-in-stroller and sometimes an additional child holding my hand.  Everyone else: in the middle, in pairs, holding hands.  It worked!  We didn't lose a single child, even in Times Square.

Our last stop was here, at the city's best (cheap! delicious!) pizza joint with the city's nicest pizza joint owner.  Pizza hand-delivered to our table.  A fan for sweaty faces.  

Seats on which the city's most tired children could rest.

And, then, as the sun set, children on a train, taking dozens of pictures of themselves while their mama watched.


Renata AtSunnyside said...

I have loved all these city posts as it is very unlikely I will ever visit that part of the world and so I can 'visit' through your snapshots. I had to comment on this post specifically as I had boys all leaning over my shoulder looking at that lego figure! I am glad we have no such shop nearby as they would want to move right in there!!

Abigail said...

Here's one we saw when Sarah took the older girls and I into the city a few years back. It's a miniature replica of parts of New York City, but they included funny surprises like Spiderman climbing up a building to fight Darth Vader, etc.

And if you ever were near New York, we'd expect a visit! :)