Happy baby.

Sleepy baby.

Last year, John gave Susannah this little book for drawing comics.

I think her "If you find this book, as a reward" inscription is funny.  

An unknown child's artwork: "Roses Inside Roses."

I found this Hulk holding seeds on the dining room table.  "I decided to turn gardener!" he says.

Well, he does have two green thumbs...

These snapshots courtesy of a mysterious, short photographer.

I saved the best for last.  I don't know who the short photographer was, but he documented this
daily struggle.


Renata AtSunnyside said...

Hi Abigail,
This post made me smile, especially the 'reward'! Your flowers are beautiful and so artistically arranged. And maybe the hulk could lend me one of his green thumbs - that way I could successfully grow more than weeds!! ;)
As for Aidan.....he is so cute!
Have a lovely day

Abigail said...

The girls did the flowers! Every time I turn around in the summer, new vases pop up, stuffed with blooms. I have a feeling that it's a lack of rain more than a lack of green thumbs in your case. :)