Food for Belly-building

I took a few lackluster pictures of food on the table for buildabelly, and I thought you'd particularly enjoy these first two, Heidi.  :)

I added butter, minced garlic, and s+p to the mix, but the bulk of the glory for this glorious dish goes straight to you.

And, yes!  I did add all the sugar!!!

Lastly, in honor of my sis-in-law Wendy, sorely missed, I made a pumpkin spice roll for the first time.

It will assuredly not be my last.


heidiann(e) said...

I sure feel honored.

And now my stomach is growling.

Abigail said...

Not as fast as mine, I bet...

heidiann(e) said...

GrowLing, not GROWing!

Abigail said...

Ha! Totally missed that "l." It's not my fault. My belly's so big it nearly covers the whole computer screen, so it's REALLY hard to read comments. ;)