Musophobia With the Lights On

I let the oldest three stay up a bit later than normal, and as a consolation, I let these three fall asleep with the twinkle lights on.  After checking on them later, Annika told me I should take a picture of Piper.

You see, Pip sleeps directly below the attic crawlspace, and hearing all the scampers, scratches, and gnawings of old-farmhouse-night-creatures has given her a small phobia of mice.

I say "small," but it's really a large enough fear to cause her to empty out her pillowcase, stuff her feet inside for safekeeping, and sleep all topsy-turvy at the foot of her bed...more than once.

Then there's this boy, who's not afraid of anything, but, then, he has Hulk for a bedfellow.

And please don't worry,  We're kind to rodents in this house.

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