O, Tannenbaum

Deborah usually takes the girls along when she cuts a Christmas tree for Mom, but this year, Debbie's friend Rundy came, and I tagged along, too, so that we could get our Jesse tree at the same time.  If you're local, ask me about this place!  My family used to get trees here when I was younger, and it has everything going for it-- lots of trees, a long trek up a steep hill, good prices ($12.00 for any tree you see?  Sure thing!), and a friendly owner who pelts the girls with snowballs when there's snow and who turns a blind eye when we're short a dollar.

Oh, and a makeshift bridge that shudders delightfully when you jump on it.  What more could anyone want?

I brought the camera so that we could take a snapshot of the tree-cutting, but soon the camera passed hands to every girl we have, so most of the following pictures were taken by one of those snap-happy children. (Seriously snap-happy.  I had to delete a silly amount of pictures when we got home.)


(My, that's a solid specimen there, huh? Bubbly personality, too.  You can tell.)

While I was dutifully sawing down our evergreen,

Annika, for reasons unknown, turned into this.

I thought these two pictures deserved to be side by side.  :)

And then, home again, home again, jiggety-jig.


Rundy said...

Oh my! Lucy is making fun of me. And she kept throwing those pine needles at me until I almost cried. ;-) She is a feisty one, she is.

And Shotsnaps did not immortalize Rundy running down the hill with the tree over his head, so that event shall remain a *legend*.

Abigail said...

Nope, not at all! Tho' I confess I did enjoy placing the two side-by-side for effect. They were taken by different girls at different times, but it gave me a grin to see how uncanny the similarity was. You do, however, need to work on your goofy grin. Lu's got you totally beat.

Annika was pretty bummed when I told her (in response to her asking) that I hadn't gotten a snapshot of that. I, too, was running down the hill (lumbering is more like it), and I had to backtrack for a dropped sweatshirt. More's the pity.