Her Gift

One large factor in my being stretched (most metaphorically) thin on Lucinda's birthday was my well-meaning decision to make her a jumper.  Her request involved the color yellow and ducks, and I grabbed fabric from my stash, designed the dress and applique, and made it all in one day (choosing her birthday as the optimal day, of course).  I don't know what I'm doing, but the mistakes I made (for there were mistakes) aren't huge enough to keep her from wearing and enjoying something I made just for my Skinny-Bones.

I need to tell you that I hate country ducks, but Lucinda wouldn't let me leave off that yellow gingham wing for anything.  I begged.  She remained firm, because, as she reminded me, "It is MY birthday dress, Mama."

So be it!

Country ducks!


Rebecca said...

Whether they are country ducks or city ducks- that jumper is so perfect for Lucy. And I love the applique. You are an applique wizard. Have I told you that before? ;-)

cadie said...

Oh, I love that.

Abigail said...

Thanks, girls.

Unasked for side note that I just remembered: In college, my friend Holly used to buy me mugs and such from thrift stores with country ducks on them, in direct defiance of my leanings. I used them all. COUNTRY DUCKS! (At least Luci didn't want a pink bow around the mother duck's neck.)

Renata AtSunnyside said...

This is so pretty! You are such a talented lady Abigail :)