Real Time: to Remember

Just now, while sitting on the couch together, a (n)(unidentified) daughter of mine suddenly says,
"Boy, it's going to be really boring here when you die."

Is this a compliment?
Does she know something I don't?
I'm thinking about this.


Renata AtSunnyside said...

Oh dear. It's so cute when they don't think before they speak. It's not so cute when I do that.
May you live a long & joyful life.

How are you going Abigail? How is the latest baby? I've missed your updates, but then I haven't been online much myself as our internet has been rather bothersome.
Have a lovely day

sarah said...

She's totally right.

heidiann(e) said...


Abigail said...

AAAAHHH! So I AM an occasionally fun mama who will soon meet her death!

Polka'poose is doing great! I'm almost 30 weeks along but have yet to see a doctor (appt. soon, though!), so I'm basing my belief on the robust thumps he or she gives me throughout the day and night. Plus, I've gained as much weight as I normally do by the END of pregnancy, so I'm pretty sure the baby's eating well, too. ;)