Nothing Says "I Love You!" Like a Plateful of Pierogi

Valentine's morning was less leisurely than normal this year, due to it being a Sunday, but there was still time for tablecloths, pink shake, and pink pancakes.

Before I sifted powdered sugar onto them, Zeke had fun toasting the family with his stack.


After church, I forced the children to stand still for two seconds.  So red!  So happy!

Then, after crashing on the couch, I roused myself to make food for our evening feast.  While Millie made cream puffs, I attempted homemade pierogi and all the fixings for the first time.  They're time-consuming to prepare, at least when you're making 75 of them, but I think I boosted the percentage of Polish blood that flows through my veins in the process, which is its own reward.

For sure, I also boosted my poundage.  Oh, yum.

I'd made farmer's cheese that morning to mix into a potato/onion/garlic filling.

(Birdie took a couple of these pictures.)

Fill, then boil, then fry in butter, then eat.

We invited Mopsy up for a balanced supper of greasy Polish food-- pierogi, kielbasa, sauerkraut, caramelized onions-- and So Much Sugar.  I'd made gumdrops the day before, which, paired with Millie's cream puffs and all the Valentine's candy that McGamma mailed up, made for a feasty feast, indeed.


Rebecca said...

Last year we made pink scrambled eggs for Valentines. They looked like scrambled brain. This year we decided to dye the milk pink- and Matt said that it looked like the first bloody milk after calving.

I have a great record of Valentine's Day food.

(Can't wait to check out your recipes! Those cream puffs- oh my! And I really want to try gumdrops.)

Abigail said...

My St. Patrick's Day breakfasts are always a flop. Last year, by unanimous vote, the girls asked me NOT to add dye to their ham, eggs, and potatoes because breakfast looked too gross on previous years.

And Matt sure has a way with words, huh? That's the loveliest image for an early-morning breakfast. :)