For Cadie (And Titi, Too!)

I told you we enjoyed those cookies!  I cut the last of them in smaller pieces while I read our morning book, and we could hardly decide which we liked best. My clear favorite, though, were the almond-topped ones.  They nourished us through a particularly tense chapter of Mio My Son.  That's where you come in, Titi.  Ever since you mailed that wonderful package, and we shook hands with Emil, we've sought out Lindgren's less widely available works at book sales.  This was our third read-aloud from her in a row!

And here's a picture of my girl in the sun

 ...with Aidan trying to sabotage the picture by showing off his cookie.


cadie said...

OH, good! I'm glad you enjoyed the cookies, and that you have been introduced to Emil... and now I want to read the other lesser-known books by Astrid Lindgren as well. (The cookies with almonds on top were Razzmerries, and sadly, I think they were a recipe from a friend of Mom's which she was forbidden from sharing because she wants to enter it into a contest someday (the friend does, not Mom.)

Abigail said...

Rats about that cookie recipe. If ever it's available to the general public, let me know. I'll be first in line! :)