Making (Messes)

I was so swamped in the weeks leading up to Christmas that gift-making wasn't even an option, and since Christmas gifts should never be made before December (I'm pretty sure that's a rule), I didn't have anything prepared. I'd feel bad about it and then just try to ignore it, because gifts and stuff aren't the point, anyway, right? I like to make things, though, and just because I was struggling to find time to create didn't bar me from aiding the children. They made so many wonderful things, only some of which I took pictures of before they were gone-- hats, a knitted kerchief, SO many dishcloths, bracelets, potholders, and SO many little appliqued pouches (tutorial here). All three of the bigger girls took a break from dishcloths and tried their hand at those, with great success.

And I still love the zipper tabs.

Same pattern: same girl: same grin: two colors.

A phoebe for Phoebe.

Piper's first applique .  She was so delighted, which made me delighted, too.

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