He was supposed to be napping.

Two of my girls and Hulk spending a sweet afternoon together.

Ezekiel and the camera = a picture of me wearing John's bathrobe after church.

With Mopsy's party leavings in the background, I overheard this exchange.

Zeke: When is my rooster gonna lay an egg?
Millie: He's not. Roosters don't lay eggs, Sweetie.
Zeke: Yes, 'dem do! Him gonna lay egg.
Millie, trying to distract him from his delusion by showing off the blue-ish green egg of which she was proud: Look! One of my Easter Eggers laid this one!
Zeke, with sudden heated interest, forgetting the barren rooster: Easter Eggers have eggs full of CANDY?!

And then I turned around and captured this girl,

a reluctant face for the camera.

This has got to be one of the best ways to book-learn, ever. Thank you, Bryan and Sarah!  As you can see, we couldn't wait until spring.  As soon as I bought those hanging straps, up it went. :)

After h'learning one day, Annika begged me to make her the ladder I'd promised for her bed.  The slanted ceiling makes it very difficult for her to climb into bed, and she dreaded the cramped nightly ascent and descent each morning.  Around suppertime, I finished it, and Zeke immediately ran downstairs to get the "ladder to Heaven" he'd made for our Jesse tree a few days previously.  I can't decide which ladder or child I like more.  I guess we'll keep them all.

I took this picture to balance out the picture I took of pretty scones, for this is the mama's-selling-things-on-Ebay explosion in which they were created.

Mom O.-- doesn't this face look like Jeffrey's a bit?

Ooh, a pretty little surface...

which, children, inevitably, improve with their aesthetic.

A New Year's Eve feast, with a gallon of the best homemade eggnog we've had yet, thanks to Millie.

I told Aidan he could get himself a bowl of applesauce.  In retrospect, I should have specified which bowl.

Baby in the light.

Guess who just watched the first Harry Potter movie?  (McGamma, John put it on a few days after the girls opened it, and this was Zeke 20 minutes after it ended, after absconding with my glasses.)

Aidan asked me to take a picture of him, the show-off.


heidiann(e) said...

OH, that reminds me of Dinovember.
Do you know about it?
I keep thinking someday I'll do it for the girls.
So far, we're more haphazard and spontaneous about our toys coming to life.

Abigail said...

I've heard about it but never participated. I think Hulk-every-week-of-the-year has sapped my energy. :)